Ecam’s Installation at St. John’s House Chapel

Ecam Integrated System for Network Rail Distribution Unit


In today’s fast-paced world, ensuring the safety and security of public spaces is paramount. Network Rail Distribution Unit in Cricklewood, a vital transportation hub, recognised the need for a robust security system to safeguard its premises. In response, Ecam, a leading provider of cutting-edge security solutions, was entrusted with the task of installing an integrated system that would meet the stringent security requirements. This blog post highlights the successful implementation of Ecam’s state-of-the-art security infrastructure at Network Rail Distribution Unit Cricklewood, with a focus on the impressive 16 x 4K resolution CCTV system, the 4 x 6m CCTV columns, 7 x PC-based access control points, and 5 x video intercom systems.

High-Resolution CCTV System:

Ecam’s security solution at Network Rail boasts a remarkable 16 x 4K resolution CCTV system. The implementation of ultra-high-definition cameras ensures crystal-clear footage, enhancing the ability to monitor and analyse activities across the facility. With the increased pixel density and improved image quality, security personnel can identify potential threats and incidents swiftly and accurately. The integration of this cutting-edge technology empowers Network Rail with an advanced surveillance system, enhancing overall safety and peace of mind.

Impressive 6m CCTV Columns:

To optimize surveillance coverage, Ecam installed four 6-meter CCTV columns strategically across the Network Rail Distribution Unit Cricklewood premises. These tall columns ensure that the CCTV cameras have an extensive field of view, enabling comprehensive monitoring of critical areas. By elevating the cameras to an ideal height, potential blind spots are minimised, thereby maximising the effectiveness of the CCTV system. The 6m CCTV columns contribute significantly to the overall security infrastructure, bolstering the proactive surveillance capabilities of the Distribution Unit.

PC-Based Access Control Points:

In addition to the comprehensive CCTV system, Ecam implemented seven PC-based access control points at Network Rail Cricklewood. These access control points serve as gatekeepers, allowing authorised personnel to enter restricted areas while preventing unauthorised access. By leveraging the power of computer-based access control systems, Network Rail Cricklewood enjoys enhanced flexibility and control over entry points. The PC-based access control points facilitate efficient monitoring, granting or denying access in real-time, and ensuring only authorised individuals are granted entry, thereby reinforcing the security framework.

Seamless Video Intercom System:

The integration of five video intercom systems further enhances the security measures at Network Rail Cricklewood. Video intercoms provide a direct line of communication between security personnel and individuals seeking access to controlled areas. This two-way communication ensures efficient identification and verification of visitors, enhancing the overall security posture. The video intercom system offers a seamless and streamlined approach to managing visitor access, minimising potential vulnerabilities and ensuring a safer environment for everyone at Network Rail Cricklewood.


The successful implementation of Ecam’s integrated security system at Network Rail Distribution Unit Cricklewood has significantly bolstered the safety and security of the premises. The deployment of a 16 x 4K resolution CCTV system, the installation of 6m CCTV columns, PC-based access control points, and video intercom systems have collectively contributed to advanced security infrastructure. Network Rail Cricklewood can now monitor critical areas with unparalleled precision, control access to restricted zones effectively, and establish seamless communication channels with visitors. Ecam’s expertise and cutting-edge solutions have played a pivotal role in fortifying the security measures at Network Rail Cricklewood, ensuring the well-being of staff, commuters, and the facility as a whole

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