Ecam’s Integrated System for Faiz-Ul-Quran Mosque Winson Green

Ecam’s Integrated System for Faiz-Ul-Quran Mosque.

Enhancing Safety and Security:


As a place of worship and community gathering, mosques hold immense importance in fostering harmony and providing solace. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive security solution, Ecam, a leading provider of advanced security systems, undertook the task of installing an integrated security system at the Winston Green Mosque in Birmingham. This blog post highlights Ecam’s successful implementation, focusing on the installation of 29 x 4K resolution fixed cameras, 3 x PTZ cameras, and a wired intruder alarm system, all working together to ensure the safety and security of the mosque and its worshippers.

High-Resolution Surveillance with 4K Fixed Cameras: Ecam’s security solution at Winston Green Mosque features an impressive array of 29 x 4K resolution fixed cameras. These high-resolution cameras provide crystal-clear imagery, enabling precise monitoring of key areas within the mosque premises. With enhanced pixel density and exceptional image quality, security personnel can efficiently detect and respond to any potential threats. The installation of 4K fixed cameras elevates the surveillance capabilities, empowering the mosque with an advanced security infrastructure.

Flexible Monitoring with PTZ Cameras

In addition to the fixed cameras, Ecam installed 3 x PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras at strategic locations within Winston Green Mosque. PTZ cameras offer the flexibility to remotely control the camera’s pan, tilt, and zoom functions, providing a comprehensive view of the surroundings. This enables security personnel to actively monitor dynamic areas and respond promptly to any suspicious activities. The PTZ cameras provide an added layer of surveillance, ensuring no blind spots are left unmonitored and enhancing the overall security of the mosque.

Reliable Wired Intruder Alarm

Ecam also integrated a robust wired intruder alarm system into the security infrastructure of Winston Green Mosque. The wired nature of the alarm system ensures reliable and uninterrupted communication, minimizing the risk of signal interference. The intruder alarm is designed to detect any unauthorized access attempts, triggering an immediate response from the security personnel. By providing a swift alert mechanism, the wired intruder alarm strengthens the mosque’s security, deterring potential intruders and safeguarding the peace and sanctity of the place of worship.

Comprehensive Protection and Peace of Mind: The installation of Ecam’s integrated security system ensures comprehensive protection and peace of mind for the Winston Green Mosque and its worshippers. The combination of 29 x 4K resolution fixed cameras and 3 x PTZ cameras offers extensive surveillance coverage, enabling real-time monitoring and proactive response to potential security threats. The wired intruder alarm system adds an extra layer of protection, providing a reliable means of detecting and deterring intruders. The integration of these advanced technologies allows the mosque community to worship in a safe and secure environment.


Ecam’s successful installation of an integrated security system at Winston Green Mosque demonstrates the company’s commitment to enhancing safety and security in places of worship. The implementation of 29 x 4K resolution fixed cameras and 3 x PTZ cameras enables comprehensive surveillance, ensuring that no area is left unmonitored. Additionally, the wired intruder alarm system serves as a reliable means of detecting unauthorized access attempts. Through this integrated system, Ecam has provided Winston Green Mosque with a robust security infrastructure, empowering the mosque community to worship with peace of mind.

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