Quality Installation

Whether Upgrading An Existing Security System Or Installing An Entirely New System, A Successful Installation Process Means A Lot More Than Simply Running Wires And Cables.

Our highly-skilled installation team works regularly with a diverse range of well-known property management and construction companies, businesses, and residential buildings throughout Birmingham City. When working with Ecam Security, our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that our installation team consists of fully licensed and certified technicians, backed by extensive experience in their specialized field of work.

Ecam Security will assign you a dedicated project manager accountable for:
  • Overseeing the installation team
  • Confirming the intactness of system components
  • Ensuring the installation is delivered on time and on budget- in accordance with the design plan and performance specifications

Completing hundreds of small to complex and large-scale projects, every one of our installations is treated as our most important one. Ecam Security adheres to the highest standards of business and professional practice to ensure our security systems meet your needs and expectations, project requirements, and specifications – from the entire project overview to the smallest of details.

Our work is clean, precise, and unobtrusive to your current operations. With an unmatched commitment to excellence, our team is here to accommodate the needs and work in full coordination and collaboration with third parties, subcontractors and service providers, and of course- project managers and personnel on behalf of our clients.

Upon completing the installation, both the system as a whole, in addition to each individual system component, are meticulously tested for proper operation and functionality.

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