Parking Lot Security

In charge of a lot or parking garage in Birmingham City? Ecam Security's top-notch security and video surveillance systems may help you create a secure atmosphere and increase the security of your establishment.

In parking lots or garages, more than one in ten property offences were reported, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. According to statistics, installing security and video surveillance systems has resulted in a 51% decrease in crime rates in parking garages and lots. This is because these systems have a significant positive impact on the safety of both people and property in parking environments:

  • Reduce and prevent theft, vandalism, theft, and assault
  • Enhance visitor and property security and public safety
  • Keep an eye on the actions of the staff and valets.
  • In the event of a crime, get documented evidence to support law enforcement.
  • By documenting incidents at your business, you may reduce liability and prevent spending money on claims and lawsuits

Ecam Security is devoted to assisting you in monitoring and protecting your parking facilities with various cutting-edge security and surveillance video systems, licence plate recognition, and other cutting-edge technologies.

As a top-rated, licenced security firm in Birmingham City, we have over 14 years of expertise in building and maintaining security and CCTV systems for all sizes of residential and commercial parking lots.

Systems For Network IP Security Cameras With Night Vision

An essential component of a sound surveillance system has high-quality security cameras that can record without losing quality, even in low light conditions. IP network cameras offer several advantages and features above conventional analogue cameras, enabling the most accurate, thorough, and all-encompassing video surveillance of your garage, including the most susceptible entry points and crime-prone regions. The future security solution is IP network cameras, which can be used day or night to capture blatant crimes as well as the minutest details (such as precise facial recognition or precisely recording licence plate numbers of automobiles leaving the lot).

Additionally, IP network cameras offer virtually endless options when viewing live or recorded video feeds, allowing you to remotely watch activities on any property around-the-clock via any connected workstation, from PCs to smartphones and tablets, anywhere in the globe.

Stations for emergencies

Due to their sometimes remote positions, parking lots and buildings might be unsettling. In light of this, when garage visitors feel frightened or worried, they want assistance as soon as possible, whether it be in the form of reporting a suspicious person, filing a police complaint, or seeking non-emergency services like a broken parking gate. While it's not unusual for mobile phone services to go out behind solid concrete walls, either above or below ground, emergency towers and call boxes and emergency communication stations in parking structures offer quick access with a direct line to help while demonstrating your steadfast commitment to public safety.

Additionally, emergency stations can broadcast messages that warn visitors of emergency conditions. The stations are also excellent for visitors with a dead battery or a flat tyre to get in touch with personnel.


Whether installing a new security system or upgrading an existing one, our team will work closely with you to plan, design, and install a tailored security camera system that offers round-the-clock protection, complete control, and 24/7 monitoring. This system can be installed anywhere, including your entranceways, exits, gates, stairwells, main doors, emergency call boxes, and more.

By installing a modern security camera system, you may make potential offenders second-guess committing a crime in your parking lot.

Security Assessment

A Security Assessment is an ideal way to evaluate your existing security operations and the first step towards planning security measures at your facility.

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